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Sapphire Scents and the tale of a growing perfumery in Africa

In August 2015, Sapphire scents commenced operations in Nigeria selling rare fragrances such as oud, frankincense and myrrh. These fragrances were sourced from the Middle East by its founder, Adewale Aladejana. Subsequently, Sapphire Scents ventured into Bespoke fragrances tailored to individual needs. This innovative approach to making fragrances ensured the brand could produce custom made fragrances for an individual which were unique and couldn't be found elsewhere. Sapphire Scents also ventured into making its own Attar with Oud as the base note. Some of the fragrances in the Attar collection include the famously demanded Jagaban, Ruby, Opulence, Salsa, Symphony, Grandeur, Amouage and Goddess. Arewa was recently added to the Attar collection.

The business model adopted by the brand focuses on expanding its distributorship network in major markets where the statistics reveal a growing demand for luxury lifestyle. Today, Sapphire Scents maintains a distributorship network in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

With more than 200 distributors in 19 states, the brand is currently focused on growing a franchise spanning across Africa, the U.K, and the US. On August 26, 2017, the brand hosted a dinner for investors, calling for more partnerships.

A partnership with Sapphire Scents come in two forms. This could either be by becoming a direct investor or perfumer. Perfumers exist in either the Silver, Gold or Diamond category with in-house coaches teaching sales and marketing. The Diamond perfumers own the Sapphire scents franchise with their own distributors.

In 3 years the company aims to be leading in the luxury and style industry in Africa.

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